Name: Justin Mondeik
Age: 26
Hometown: Gleason, Wis.
Occupation: Mechanical Project Engineer
Years racing/classes: 11 Years, Mini-Mod, Limited Late Model, Super Late Model

Pit crew: Peter, Toby, Darin, Kayla, Mitch, Eric, Garret, Matt, Brian, Corey, Doug, Brian, Jeff, Scott

Sponsors: Power House Lawn & Leisure, Merrill; Metsa Machines, Merrill; Merrill Manufacturing; Agra Industries, Merrill; Aqua Finance, Wausau; Lora Bladow RE/MAX, Schofield; Gold Medal Trailer Sales, Merrill; Merrill Equipment Company; A & A Lock Service, Wausau; PepperJack Kennels, Woodville; Schaeffers Oil, St. Louis, Mo.; Breaman Merrill Ford; Dairy Queen, Merrill; Woodland Court Elder Services, Merrill; Sawmill Brewing Company, Merrill; Kimmons Roofing, Merrill; DC Motors, Merrill; Gleason Bowling Center, Gleason; Down To Earth Greenhouse, Wausau; Nicolet National Bank, Merrill; In The Lite, Merrill; X To C Golf Course, Gleason; Z’s Fork Horners, Gleason; Ma’s Place, Gleason; Geiss Meat Service, Merrill; Doering Landscape Company, Barrington, Ill.; Culver’s, Merrill; Van Asten Painting, Wisconsin Rapids; Headhunter Taxidermy, Gleason; Grandma Judy; Penny Callahan; Grandpa Bob #15; Cleavers; QC Willy; Tom Loos Photography; McCumbers; Matt & Kim; Les & Carol; AEC Engines; Toby Race Products; FRS Shocks; Lefthander Chassis; Performance Parts Supply

Tracks/series racing this year: State Park Speedway, ASA Midwest Tour, TUNDRA Super Late Models

How did you get your car number? My grandpa was always #44 when I was growing up, so I wanted to carry on the tradition when I started racing.

Can you summarize this season in a couple sentences? It’s been a really long and stressful year. A lot more downs, than ups. Unfortunately, we’ve had many set backs between cars getting tore up, cars getting destroyed and motor problems. It’s all part of racing and you have to just keep putting in the work. Lately it’s been better, but were still working hard week in and week out.

What does it mean to you to have the accomplishment of three straight SLM championships at State Park? I was relieved when we finally won our first championship. After that it’s been about winning as many races as we can. Usually if you win races, everything takes care of itself. I’m proud of the consistent speed we have had year in and year out.

You’ve raced a number of years at State Park now, while also branching out and racing at other tracks, series, Speedweeks. Does racing locally hold any personal significance for you? I feel it’s always important to support your local short track and that would be SPS for our team. Without local tracks, there wouldn’t be any racing. SPS is one of the primary tracks most of my sponsors want to us to compete at so we always make sure we’re keeping the relationships strong.

Number of career feature wins: Mini-Mod =8, Limited Late=6, Super Late=55. (Justin also has won features at five different tracks: State Park, Marshfield Motor Speedway, Norway (Mich.) Speedway, Golden Sands Speeday and La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway)

Favorite racing memory, or accomplishment most proud of: I would have to say winning the Larry Detjens Memorial Race with the ASA Midwest Tour would have to be my best. The numerous track, and series championships are a close second.

What do you enjoy most about State Park Speedway? I enjoy all the character that it has. It truly is a driver’s racetrack. You can search around and find your own line to make fast. It takes tire conservation on long runs, and the track has a ton of attitude. I also enjoy that it’s only 30 minutes from our shop.

What goals do you have for the rest of your racing career, whether short term or long term? Or do you even look at it that way at this point, and just take it more one year at a time? Everything in today’s racing is about how much money you can find and bring to the higher levels. I’d love to race some ARCA races, or Trucks, but it comes down to funding. I’m very fortunate to have what we have built at JMR, but finding the funding to run NASCAR events is even tougher. I will always continue to work hard and maybe someday an opportunity will come about. For now, we will continue to have fun, and work on growing our program to stay competitive and win bigger SLM races across the country.

Favorite leisure activities besides racing: Spending time with my family, girlfriend Kayla and daughter Ella. I love to hunt whitetails, and spend time in the woods. I also enjoy snowmobiling when I can find time in the winter.

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite beverage: Mountain Dew
Favorite place to eat: Any place that serves pizza
Favorite place to travel? Race tracks out of Wisconsin
Something race fans may not know about you: I played baseball and wrestled in high school. I also have a trail camera addiction. I may or may not have like 30 of them 🙂