We’re resurrecting an old feature and beginning a weekly series of driver profiles, where we’ll get to know some of our State Park Speedway competitors from all of our regular racing classes.

First up: Alex Volm, a young guy with already a number of years of experience at State Park who races in our Advance Auto Parts Pure Stock class and is from a family with a lot of history at SPS. Thanks Alex for participating in this and providing a lot of great info, and if you don’t already follow his racing page Alex Volm Racing:

Alex Volm
Age: 24
Hometown: Marathon, Wis.
Occupation: Fast Lane Lawn and Snow. Self employed landscape and snow removal
Years racing: 10th year racing. 4 years racing Mini Mods and now 6 years in Pure Stocks
Pit crew: My dad Rory Volm, Dustin Stoltz, Martin Garza, Jamie Scheel
Sponsors: Arrow Tap; Charlie’s Bar; DDK Lawn and Snow; Heidemann Auto; Wisconsin Coating Specialists; Local Pub and Grill; O’Reilly; A&A Lock Service; Widowmaker Outdoors; Seymour’s Land Services; BS Taxidermy; Tom Loos Photography; Hilltop Auto Wrecking; Kim’s BS Sauce; Laser Images; Outer Limits DJ Service; Lindsay Buettner/Gander RV; Brock Heinrich Racing; Paige Marie Photography
How did you get your car number? I turned my first laps at the age of 13 and it always stuck after that. Now everything I do that incorporates a number is always 13!
When/how did you get into racing? One day my mom asked me if I wanted to play an extra sport because my sisters were always in dance classes and I always knew I wanted to be a racer growing up watching my cousins race and multiple other family members! So that week I found a car for sale and we went and bought it and my career just grew from there! I wouldn’t change it for anything!
Favorite racing memories: My favorite racing memory has to be my first feature win at State Park after 3 years of racing that was such a relieving feeling and I feel like that win just paved the way to so many more! Once you step in victory lane once you do everything you can to chase that feeling again! My other favorite memories would have to be the last couple years we have gotten a lot better equipment which has led to a lot more fast times and feature wins! Best feeling and memory ever is getting out of the car in victory lane and hearing everyone cheer and scream it gives you chills!! Never gets old!
What do you enjoy most about State Park Speedway? The biggest thing I like about State Park is it’s one of the more difficult tracks to race at which makes it that much more special to win at. Another big thing is the history of track is really cool! A lot of great racers have turned laps at State Park and to be able to race on it today like they all did is super cool!
Career racing goals you have? I’m a huge believer in setting goals especially with racing! This year’s goal is to get my first clean sweep and to get a win at every track I race at this year. Along with a championship, I haven’t won one yet I have been super close but to etch my name in the championship history like my family members would be super cool!
How many Volms are you related to who have raced? Oh boy that’s a tough one! 😂 So for the Volms my grandpa and two of his brothers we believe then my dad raced along with all of my uncles-Ronnie, Ricky, Scotty, Bobby, Randy-and my cousin Travis also and myself included. Then my cousin Jeremy Lepak and his dad Larry race/raced as well and my mom’s brothers raced as well-Randy Buchberger and Joe Buchberger. My cousin Holly Buchberger and my cousins Mariah and Noah Gajewski race/raced too! I may be missing some and there may have been some way before my time! So there is a lot of racing history in my family! Some people say race fuel is a blood type! No matter what we are all at a racetrack usually during the summer and trying to find something to race on the off season or working on the cars!
Favorite leisure activities besides racing: (laughs) My life really revolves around racing but on my down time I love spending time with my two little ones Chloe and Chase. I also spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I play a lot of volleyball, I love to golf and play softball. I’m a very avid hunter as well! I’m very big on family and friends and we all usually find something to do when we’re not racing!
Favorite food: If I had to pick one thing it’d have to be pizza! Especially if you can make a mean chicken bacon ranch pizza I’m all over that!! But really anything my mom cooks, I love it! She’s an amazing cook! P.S. Stop at Charlie’s Bar and try some of her cooking 😉
Favorite place to eat: I’m super bad at deciding but I’d have to say Red Lobster or Culver’s and of course, Charlies Bar!