UMA Memberships are now available for the 2021 race season.  All drivers must have an UMA card to race at ANY UMA track.  This card is considered a membership card for all drivers that race at State Park Speedway.

Drivers and crew members can purchase a Unified Motorsports Association (UMA) card for $35.00.  The card can be used for a $5.00 discount on pit pass purchase at any UMA track.  The participating UMA tracks are State Park Speedway, Dells Raceway park.   We encourage drivers to purchase their card through their home track.

The cards can be used an infinite number of times during the 2021 season but are not transferable to others.  Anyone using an UMA membership card for a pit pass discount must show a valid ID at the pit gate.

The UMA membership cards are not available to use for a pit pass discount for the ARCA Midwest Tour race July 24th, 2021,, Tundra Race August 7th, 2021 and Creepy Classic Enduro at State Park Speedway. UMA cards are not valid for State Park Speedway practices.

Members will need to check with other participating tracks for a list of events where the membership discount may not be available.  If you have questions please email or call Ron Wimmer at 715-571-4434

Please fill out the membership form below and follow mailing instructions: UMA Membership 2021