WAUSAU, WI – The CWRA Stars to Legends Tour as presented by Smiley’s Old Time Diner, made it’s first appearance, on Dave Lashua Memorial night, at State Park Speedway in over a year here Saturday, June 29th and when all was said and done it was Tour veteran, Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., and upstart Travis Volm, Mosinee, WI., taking top honors in the headlining 30 lap Feature races.

The first 30 lap main found Mike Reichenberger, Appleton, WI., and Weinfurter making up the front row. Before a lap was even in the books, Weinfurter jumped out to the lead. Weinfurter immediately built up a five car advantage while the 19 car field sorted itself out. Dillon Mackesy, Wausau, WI., moved into second spot with just a handful of laps completed and set out for leader Weinfurter. Mackesy closed the gap slightly, but the sly veteran Weinfurter only pushed his car as much as he had to on the tight 1/4 mile paved oval. In the meantime, Nick Roehl, Fon Du Lac, WI., was the man on the move, taking the 3rd position from his 9th starting spot with 10 laps down. Weinfurter maintained his 4 car length cushion, but it was now Roehl and Chad Butz, Green Bay, WI., battling for the 3rd position. The two were side by side for numerous laps and while battling were catching up to Mackesy. With just 3 laps to go they were on Mackesy’s bumper with Roehl sneaking to the outside. The move paid off as Roehl was able to secure the position on the last lap. Weinfurter led every lap, maintaining his cushion to the checkered flag. The finishing order, in the caution free race, found Weinfurter 1st, followed by Roehl, Mackesy, Butz, Bentley Trucking fast qualifier, Travis Volm, and Mark Mackesy your top 6 finishers.

The second 30 lap Feature found top Tour Rookie, Harley Jankowski, Sparta, WI., and Greg Back, Ringle, WI., on the front row. Neither driver would give an inch as they raced side by side for the first 5 laps. Mitch Stankowski, Wausau, WI., moved up to challenge the leading duo, and after waiting out a Weinfurter, D. Mackesy twin spin, moved into 2nd. Unfortunately for both Back and Stankowski, the two made contact, spinning in corner one. Both were sent to the back of the pack on the restart, ending any chance they had for winning the race. On the restart, it was Paul Paine, Mound, MN., grabbing the lead and stretching his margin to 6 car lengths at the half-way point of the race. The car to watch at this point, was Travis Volm, as he was all the way up to 3rd from 10th starting spot with 13 laps remaining. Volm suddenly found extra power, passing both Jankowski and Paine within two laps. With the pass, Volm was long gone, pacing the 19 car field the rest of the way, winning his first ever CWRA Feature by 3 car lengths. Next in line at the Checkered flag was Paine, Mark Mackesy, Nick Roehl, Chad Butz, and Jankowski.

With this event concluding, The CWRA Stars to Legends Tour will look forward to their next racing action, once again at State Park Speedway. Thursday, July 18th, is the date, as it will be book signing night with Racing Father Grubba. A number of special guests and dignitaries will be on hand on the special night of racing.


30 lap Feature one 1. Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., 2. Nick Roehl, Fon Du Lac, WI., 3. Dillon Mackesy, Wausau, WI., 4. Chad Butz, Green Bay, WI., 5. Travis Volm, Mosinee, WI., 6. Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI., 7. Darek Gress, Neillsville, WI., 8. Mike Reichenberger, Appleton, WI., 9. Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., 10. Paul Paine, Mound, MN., 11. Mitchell Stankowski, Wausau, WI., 12. Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI., 13. Greg Back, Ringle, WI., 14. Harley Jankowski, Sparta, WI., 15. Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI., 16. Frank Nitzke, Berlin, WI., 17. Brett Breitenfeldt, Wausau, WI., 18. Rachel Kallas, Winneconne, WI., 19. Rob Christen, Holmen, WI.


30 Lap Feature two 1. Volm, 2. Paine, 3. M. Mackesy, 4. Roehl, 5. Butz, 6. Jankowski, 7. Weinfurter, 8. D. Gress, 9. Sievers, 10. Bentley, 11. D. Mackesy, 12. Nitzke, 13. Stankowski, 14. Reichenberger, 15. Back, 16. M. Gress, 17. Kallas, 18. Breitenfeldt, 19. Christen.

Bentley Trucking Group Qualifying 1. Volm


Race sponsor $500, Mark Heinrich

Race sponsor $250, New Life Ink- Jeff Poehls


AR Bodies     

10% off Product certificate    5th place Feature one             Travis Volm

                                                5th place Feature two             Harley Jankowski


Bentley Trucking $100 cash  Fast Qualifier                         Travis Volm


Coleman Racing Products

$50 Product certificate “Brake of the Race”  Feature one    Nick Roehl

$50 Product certificate “Brake of the Race” Feature two     Travis Volm


Diamond Racing Wheels $50 certificate 1st Feature           Jeff Weinfurter

      $50 certificate 2nd Feature          Travis Volm


Don’s Auto and Truck           Checkers     $25 cash              Jeff Weinfurter

      or          $25 cash              Travis Volm

Wreckers     $50 cash             Mitch Stankowski

Howe Racing Ent.     

$50 Product certificate Hard Charger        Feature one       Nick Roehl 9th-2nd


$50 Product certificate Hard Charger       Feature two        Travis Volm 10th-1st  


QA-1 Prec. Products        $50 certificate  Feature one        Greg Back, 13th

                                          $50 certificate Feature two        Mitch Stankowski, 13th


Tiry’s Race Engines

$100 off certificate                                   Feature one        Monte Gress, 15th

$100 off certificate                                  Feature two        Greg Back, 15th

CWRA Stars to Legends Tour point standings as of 6/29/19


  1. #3 Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., 383
  2. #12 Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI.,                        370
  3. #8 Harley Jankowski, (R) Sparta, WI.,, 340
  4. # 8 Chad Butz, Green Bay, WI., 340
  5. #107.5D Darek Gress, Neillsville, WI. 306
  6. #5 Mike Reichenberger, Appleton, WI. 288
  7. #18 Frank Nitzke, Berlin, WI. 278
  8. #76 Travis Volm, Mosinee, WI.             273
  9. #19 Mitch Stankowski, (R) Wausau, WI. 270
  10. #93 Dillon Mackesy,(R) Wausau, WI., 269
  11. #107.5Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI. 228
  12. #52 Nick Roehl,(R) Fon Du Lac, WI. 228
  13. #12 Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., 222
  14. # Rachel Kallas, Winneconne, WI. 220
  15. # 12 Derrick Van Dreel, Kellner, WI. 217
  16. #2 Darren Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI. 208
  17. #27 Paul Paine, Mound, MN. 208
  18. #6 Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI. 192
  19. #14 Brett Breitenfeldt, Wausau, WI., 192
  20. #6 Greg Back, Ringle, WI., 165
  21. #64 Rob Christen, (R) Holmen, WI., 153
  22. #7 Joey Pontbriand, Norway, MI., 153
  23. #93 Andrew Morrissey, Deerfield, WI., 150
  24. #55 Jesse Pokczyk, Friendship, WI., 132
  25. #32 Steve Lichtfeld, Pardeeville, WI., 118
  26. #8 Greg Matthews, Wis. Rapids, WI. 111
  27. #7 Brian Henry, Omro, WI. 93
  28. #54 Chad Devine, Appleton, WI. 92
  29. #25 Alyssa Larson, (R) Green Bay, WI. 86
  30. #50 Hunter Stenson, Wis. Dells, WI. 84
  31. #1 Eugene Gregorich, Jr, Amherst Jct, WI. 82
  32. #79 Dan Lindsley, Norway, MI. 82
  33. #40 Curt Tillman, Rockton, IL. 71
  34. #2 Tod Stenson, Wis. Dells, WI. 69
  35. #63 Jason Stark,(R) Sparta, WI. 67
  36. #6 Thayran Rezin, Tomah, WI. 65
  37. #44 Mike Lichtfeld, Portage, WI. 65
  38. #2 Ted Griffith, Wis. Dells, WI. 59
  39. #25 Jesse Bernhagen, Neillsville, WI. 53
  40. #360 Daron Fish, Wis. Dells, WI. 50
  41. #33 Mike De Angelo, Gwinn, MI. 48
  42. #2 Rick Shone, Lyndon Station, WI. 32
  43. #33 Jay Potter, Rome, WI. 31
  44. # 76 Pete Moore, Columbus, WI. 30
  45. #06 Dave Neitzke, Eureka, WI. 29.
  46. #55 Dakota Blakeslee, Rudolph, WI. 28
  47. #41 Scott Stanchina, Kingsford, MI. 0