The Wisconsin Challenge Series will return to Central Wisconsin race tracks for a third straight year.  The four-race series will consist of 75-lap races at State Park Speedway, Golden Sands Speedway and Marshfield Motor Speedway.

“We are excited to bring back the Wisconsin Challenge Series for another year,” said Golden Sands Speedway Owner Cody Smiley “The races have brought good car counts and great racing and we expect to see the same again this year.”

The 2019 Wisconsin Challenger Series will kick off on Thursday, June 6th at State Park Speedway.  The series will then visit Marshfield Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 13th before back to back races at Golden Sands Speedway.  The Plover, WI racetrack will host the third race of the series on Friday, August 9th and then will also host the championship night on Friday, September 13th.

“We like the philosophy of the one race per month, so it allows drivers time between races and also time to race at other tracks in between,” said Smiley.  “It’s just a great opportunity for drivers to get to all the Central Wisconsin tracks and also be able to compete for a championship

WCS Information:

Race Payout:

1  $1200 11   $425
2   $875 12   $415
3   $750 13   $400
4   $700 14   $400
5   $625 15   $400
6   $550 16   $400
7   $525 17   $400
8   $510 18   $400
9   $500
10   $475


Each driver will receive one FREE tire at EACH WCS event during the 2019 season with the purchase of three tires

Pit pass car & driver: UMA Members $65/Non-Members $75

Pit pass crew: UMA Members $30/Non-Member $35

All races will also serve as point races for the host track’s point standings

Race Procedures

  • All races will follow the 2019 UMA rulebook
  • Qualifying: Top 10 Locked into WCS 75 Lap A-Main
  • SLM DASH: Top 10 qualifiers for 10 Laps (10th in time on pole)
  • Dash Finishing order designates starting order for WCS 75 (No Cone Used)
  • Odd/Even Qualifiers: 15 Laps (12 Laps ½ Mile) Top 2 to A-Main from each (11th in time on pole for Odd & 12th in time on pole for Even ETC)(Cone will be used )How You finish determines where you start in A & B Mains (example 3n1 place in odd is on pole for B-Main)
  • SLM B-Main 20 Laps (15 Laps ½ mile) Top 4 adv to A-Main (Cone will be used)
  • SLM A-Main WCS 75 – 18 cars take the green flag (Free Pass (Lucky Dog) will be in effect for 75 Lap A-main only) (Cone Race-Side By Side restarts to the finish)

Race Points:

Points will be awarded for qualifying to the top-ten cars. 10 points for the fastest qualified going down to 1 point for the 10th fastest qualifier.  Feature points will start at 100 points for the winner and go down by two points per position for every car taking the green flag.  Points will be totaled after each WCS event and an overall winner, driver with the MOST points, will be crowned the 2019 WCS Champion.

Championship Awards:

The top 10 drivers in the WCS overall point standings will receive additional championship money.

1  $1200 6 $400
2 $800 7 $300
3 $600 8 $250
4 $575 9 $225
5 $450 10 $200


Drivers who participate in EVERY WCS race for the 2019 season will be eligible for additional awards that include: a brake and clutch package from AP Brakes, a certificate from Earnest Performance, a certificate from Coleman and additional contingency sponsors.